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This is the real Kalahari - Red DunesThis is the real Kalahari - Red DunesSouth Africa Hunting Regions

Hunting in South Africa means diversity both from species as well as habitat viewpoints and is organized on a province by province basis, much like each state in the US. Although provinces are divided along surveyed boundaries, there are regions or ecological zones that span two or three provinces with unique species and hunting styles, while there are also some very particular habitats and specialist species that occur only in small select areas of the country.

Most provinces have a couple of species that they are well known for and although these species are introduced to properties in other parts of the country, it is always worth hunting them in their natural habitat where they are at their best, biggest and most challenging.

However there are also some species that occur pretty much throughout the country, are well adapted to any environment and grow just as big from north to south. These are the species you'll most often see on outfitters hunting packages and sometimes they are the magnificent trophies, like greater Kudu, Gemsbok and Waterbuck.

In my mind, the essence of hunting South Africa is this: the pursuit of the many indigenous species in the habitat they are most comfortable in, their home range. Sure you can blast away at any number of species confined to one property - it is possible and many shooters like this - they get it all done in one go. Yet this is not hunting, it is merely a collectors shoot.

Hunting in South Africa is also different from other countries in that there are opportunities in almost every part of the country. Some African hunting countries have particular regions and demarcated concessions, usually surrounding their national parks, where you are allowed to hunt. These are often remote and difficult to get to. In addition, regions where there are no concessions are mostly devoid of game, having been poached out or forcibly removed due to human settlement and encroachment.

In South Africa there are literally hunting opportunities in, around and near each city, town and village. Of course these are private properties with protected game upon them yet most offer hunting to both local and international hunters. These properties offer hunting, sometimes at the drop of a hat and within very flexible conditions.