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not quite Jannot quite JanThere is a legend in this part of South Africa about a man called Jan, the bounder of the bushveldt, the hair on his chest barbed wire, known by all and the bushveldt BULL!

southern greater Kudu are biggest in the Limpopo!southern greater Kudu are biggest in the Limpopo!Hunting in South Africa's Limpopo Province

The Limpopo province stands proud as the hunting capital of South Africa with more than 4 million hectares of land dedicated to conserved ranches and reserves. A vast indigenous habitat, ranging from spectacular forests to rocky mountains and sandveld (sand bush) supports the incredible choice of species available to the hunter.

The area is known for the massive southern greater kudu it produces each season with a Top 10 trophy being within every hunter's reach. Southern impala, common waterbuck, blue wildebeest, klipspringer, Limpopo bushbuck and eland are found in abundance with excellent trophies recorded each season. Most ranches offer an exciting array of species selection and the province has many outfitters and hunters to choose from.

Leopard in the province are also exceptional but extremely wary due to pursuit by stock owners. Many ranches have resident rhino populations, some being excellent trophies.

As with all properties in South Africa, introduced species like Buffalo, Sable, Roan and the myriad of "colored" species such as black impala and golden wildebeest are found on many ranches. In the North eastern part of the province properties adjoin the great Kruger National Park offering Elephant and Buffalo hunts which are pretty decent for the money.