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Mawana Hunting

20,000 contiguous acres to hunt on!

All species are native, no put and take species!

Classical African hunting in South Africa!



southern greater Kudusouthern greater Kudu

2x1 - $6950

10 Day Safari includes: southern greater Kudu, Blue Wildebeest & Impala


Young Nyala - ZululandYoung Nyala - ZululandKwazulu-Natal's Zululand was once the hunting grounds of Africa's most famous and revered warrior, Shaka - King of the Zulu nation. To die in pursuit of the Kings Royal ivory was and honor not easily gained and only the most revered warriors and huntsmen obtained the privilege. The valleys which make up the White and Black Umfolozi river system still hold the presence and feel of an Africa long ago, teeming with indigenous species in a rural setting. Perhaps here more than anywhere else does South Africa catch up with the rest of the continent in terms of wilderness, wildlife and people.

Our hunting property, Mawana, is a superior 20,000 acre privately owned game ranch set in the heart of Shaka's old hunting grounds encompassing a greater part of the Black Umfolozi river valley.

The property is unique in that it holds dangerous game - a herd of over 60 Elephant as well as Leopard and Hippo compliment the other more common species found in Kwazulu-Natal. The prime trophy animals here are the indigenous Nyala which thrive in their natural habitat and have not been introduced to the ranch as in other parts of the country. Here they grow numerous and very large and your experience is by far better than hunting them in the eastern Cape or Limpopo provinces where they are non-native.

Added to this the property supports large numbers of southern greater Kudu, Blue Wildbeest, Impala, Blesbok and more, making this a one stop destination for your entire hunt - to be sure you do not travel out and hunt on other properties miles away, there are no long hours of travel to get to the species you are after - simply step out of the door into the morning air and you are already hunting in the footsteps of the great warriors.

I have hunted the length and breadth of South Africa and this property and hunting style is without a doubt the closest you'll come to the more expensive and remote "classical safaris" sold in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

White Rhino in Umfolozi ReserveWhite Rhino in Umfolozi ReserveSafari Structure

All our Safaris are 10 days or more depending upon your requirements and they are personalized to suit your species requirements, budget and travel options. Typically they will start out of Johannesburg, your usual point of arrival and make an easy but distant drive to the property where you will be allowed time to settle in before your hunting starts. We prefer walk and stalk methods with lower numbers - this means NO OTHER clients or hunters will be on the property except you or your party. Prices are structured to maximise your hunting time so we do not suggest large parties BUT having at least 2 paying hunters means  a better safari price for you.


All our hunts include some of the most common species in the base price - from here you can choose any additional animals on the trophy list as and when you encounter them in the field - no need to pay or book them in advance, this is true African hunting, you take your luck when it is presented in the field.

$ 6950 - 10 Day Safari includes one of each per hunter: southern greater Kudu, Blue Wildebeest & Impala

Species present on the ranch:

Elephant, Hippo, Leopard, Giraffe, Blesbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Bushpig, Duiker, Hyena, southern greater Kudu, Nyala, Impala, Steenbok, Warthog, Zebra, Black-backed jackal, Genet, Civet, Caracal.