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classic lever action on safariclassic lever action on safari

Hunt Africa with a Lever Action Gun!

They'll tell you NO! it is not possible BUT I have been carrying an 1895 Marlin GBL in 45/70 as my back up gun in Zambia since 2010 and have absolute confidence in the caliber as well as the perfectly packaged guide gun! Without a doubt the classic cowboy guns, the Lever actions from the early frontier days do have a place in African safari hunting.

YES it is possible to hunt Cape Buffalo, Hippo and the other beasties of Africa with the lowly lever action gun, be it in the wilderness of Zambia or the game ranches of South Africa. I say yes you can, and will gladly lead you on a classic lever action safari in Africa.

Hunt with a PH who actually carries the gun, I have the best properties, the best camps and yes, the best advice on how to hunt Africa with the classic Lever Action calibers - 45/70, 30-30, 35 Rem, 45 Long Colt and more - just ask! it is not out of the question! SIMPLY EMAIL ME AND ASK!